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about us

In the beginning

The history of the PFUFA Cowboys fans begins in Canton, Ohio - the birthplace of Pro Football. Visa's Hall of Fans was born in the 90's and one fan from each team was selected each year by Visa to be inducted at the Hall of Fame. Of the current PFUFA Cowboys Fans active members, Frenchy was inducted into the Visa Hall of Fans in 2002. Soon after, Visa pulled out (thanks, Jerry!), Visa members were seeing a vision for something much bigger! The foundation for the Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association was born! Learn more at

History Made Every Day

Over the years, members have come and gone. Fast forward to 2012. Shelby was a PFUFA Draftee attending events in Canton, Ohio. This is where Shelby met Frenchy and the foundation for PFUFA Cowboys Fans was poured. Together, they sought out Cowboys Fans from around the world to possibly bring into the family. As time would go on, they would show each incoming class how to work together to meet or exceed expectations of the PFUFA. Today's members live across the country AND ABROAD!

Tailgating at home games early on was done with our friends from DallasTailgate. As membership to PFUFA Cowboys Fans grew, so did those attending the tailgate and we soon branched off - still supporting our long time friends at DallasTailgate - but having our own space became important and necessary. For several years, our tailgate had no name. We were identified only by our PFUFA flag flying proudly above us. After much thought and debate among PFUFA Cowboys Fans members, We moved forward with that only to discover in 2018 that America's Team Tailgate was available. Julio (Mr Prime) registered it and we'll never look back! It's taken years of work from members every year to increase Cowboys Fans membership to the PFUFA ( by adding the fans that exemplify the motto for the organization we all so proudly belong.

You can find our weekly tailgate plans at: PFUFA COWBOYS FANS on Facebook
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